Metal Melting Shop

Metal melting takes place in the INDUCTOTHERM induction furnace of medium frequency with the crucibles capacity of 1.5t and 3t, which has capability of simultaneous melting cast iron in one of the crucibles while upholding temperature of previously melted cast iron in the other. The current maximum capacity of the melting shop is 5000 tons/year and its extension is planned in the near future.

The melting shop uses a number of instruments to control quality of the melted metal, such as: spectrometer, tools for thermal analysis and immersion thermocouples for temperature control. Filling of the forms is undertaken by pouring ladles with a different capacity (from 0.6t to 5t).

MODIFICATION – depending on a technology and size of metal portion, is carried out at the bottom of the ladle or on the metal mirror during pouring. Spheroidization is carried out by the key metal method at the pouring ladles bottom.

Production of ductile cast iron is constantly increasing in comparison to grey cast iron and low-alloy cast iron and currently is around 35% of the foundry’s general production.