General Payment Terms at Odlewnia “Tarnów” sp. z o.o. based in Tarnów applicable to Contractors providing services or selling or delivering to Odlewnia “Tarnów” sp. z o.o. based in Tarnów acting as a Payer of receivables

The rules for settling the Payer’s obligations towards Contractors:

  1. Payment of the liability towards the Contractor is made on the basis of an approved sales document confirming the transaction between the Contractor and the Payer.
  • Payments whose due date falls on a given calendar week of the year will be made by the Payer on the Wednesday of the following week, unless it is a public holiday – in this case, payments will be made on the next business day following the non-working day/s.
  • Payment made by the Payer within the time limit specified in point 2 shall not constitute a delay or delay in payments to the Contractor and shall not constitute grounds for pursuing any claims by the Contractor against the Payer, in particular charging interest or claiming receivables referred to in the provisions of the Act of March 8, 2013 on preventing excessive delays in commercial transactions.
  • The Parties agree that the date of payment is the date of debiting the Payer’s bank account, and not the date of actual receipt of funds by the Contractor.

The above-mentioned General Payment Terms has the nature of a standard contractual pattern binding on the Contractor on the basis of art. 384 § 2 of the Civil Code. Conclusion of an agreement by the Contractor with Odlewnia “Tarnów” sp. z o.o. means the Contractor’s acceptance of the assumption that the date of payment of his receivables from the Payer is not the date indicated on the document, but the date determined in accordance with the above content.